Inquiry Learning Post 2: Preparation for Expert Search

After my initial search, I read the articles by Kuhltau (2010) and Kulthau et al (2007 and 2012) so that my searching was more informed by acknowledged expert sources about what inquiry learning is and what it means in different contexts.

To conduct my expert searches I have organized my thinking into a mind map and chosen key words  from my readings that may assist me to identify relevant materials and refine my results. I am not including distance education in my searches but I am keeping it visible as a statement of my context.




The safari continues its search…

Safari 2


Daily Mail. Retrieved 20 August, 2014 from


3 thoughts on “Inquiry Learning Post 2: Preparation for Expert Search

  1. Hi again! Congratulations on doing your expert searching post! I haven’t done mine yet, so it feels a bit strange to comment on yours, but it helps to see what other people have done. I’m a bit unsure how much we’re supposed to write. My impression was that we had to write a series of posts – one on each database, with more details (but not excessive details) about our search process to demonstrate our skills. But I could be wrong, so I’d be interested to hear what anyone else has to say.

    Can I suggest making it a bit clearer in your introduction what the focus of your search was going to be? From your initial post, I’m guessing inquiry learning in secondary English, but that’s not really clear in this post. Your first search was “using ProQuest with the same search string as I used previously but as an advanced search” – what exactly was the previous search? It’s hard to see in the screenshots. Was that the one you did for your initial post? Try to show that you’ve used Boolean operators and other advanced search techniques. Some people have used mind maps to show the synonyms they’ve considered, and tables to summarise the exact search terms and the results. That could help you to include enough details without making it too wordy.

    It feels very hypocritical of me to make these suggestions when I haven’t done mine yet. Feel free to comment on mine when I finally finish it (hopefully this weekend but more likely during the week).

    • Thanks again Robyn for your very helpful comments. You can get a little lost in all of this and you have put me back on track. I will tighten it all up and do what you suggest.

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