Module 2: Description of Information Learning Activity

The fourteen students involved in this Information Learning Activity (ILA) are a Year 8 English distance education cohort.  To implement the Australian Curriculum, the Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) resource was developed to deliver a comprehensive set of whole-school and classroom planning materials for single level and multi-level classes, students with disability and for students who study through the schools of distance education. The topic is one set by the C2C: Creating Short Stories. So my students are joining me on a safari to seek out information and create short stories as well as choosing or designing illustrations. The instructional design of the ILA is based on the Alberta Inquiry Model with 10 x 70 minute online lessons delivered through Collaborate. 

Inquiry Learning Process

Focus on Inquiry: a teacher’s guide to implementing inquiry-based learning: p 10.

The students are provided with 2 x 70 minute sessions after lesson 5 to complete their first draft which is submitted online for teacher and peer feedback.  From the feedback given, the students revise their draft and complete a final piece for assessment to be completed within a further 3 x 70 minutes sessions after lesson 10. The learning outcomes are outlined below:

Lesson intent

Taken from C2C Unit 7 Year 8 Lesson 1.

The first lesson began the planning phase and students posed questions to be researched, where they would go for answers and they mapped out a plan for possible future lessons. I introduced the thinking skill – ‘examine’ and we examined the set assessment task and the evaluation criteria (Guide to Making Judgements).



Images created by Brisbane School of Distance Education (BSDE) Year 8 English teachers for Unit 7 C2C: Creating Short Stories.

Guide to Making Judgements revised by BSDE Year 8 teachers for Unit 7 C2C: Creating Short Stories: Guide to Making Judgements



Branch, J. Odberg, D.  (2004). Focus on Inquiry: a teacher’s guide to implementing inquiry-based learning. Alberta Learning Teaching and Resources Branch. Alberta, Canada. Retrieved on 18th August, 2014 from


One thought on “Module 2: Description of Information Learning Activity

  1. Cath
    I love the layout of your blog! The pictures and theme are beautiful! You have clearly described your students and how time was allocated to completing the work. Your images are great too – they add a bit of life to your post!

    The first time you mention the ILA can you spell it out in brackets so that your reader understands what you’re talking about. Maybe a brief description of C2C as well as not everyone will know what that means. Also what is BSDE? As each post is to stand alone, this will help your readers understand more about your ILA.

    You might want to format your References heading so that it is on the left as it gets a bit lost with all your other text.

    I checked all your links and they all work. Linking the documents is a great idea – but can you make the link part of the sentence and not out there all on its own?

    Captioning the images looks a bit more professional than just writing underneath what they are. You can edit the images and captions by clicking on the image, then on the little pencil icon in the top left corner. Have a look at my first image on this page and see how the caption underneath the image is a bit smaller and clearly labels the image (well I hope so anyway!)

    Hope some of that is useful for you. Good luck with the rest of it!


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