Information Learning Activity: Methodology

As I was acting in a non-teaching distance education Deputy Principal position for Term 3, I was unable to start the Information Learning Activity  (ILA) earlier in the year.  I began the preparation for the ILA with my previous Year 8 English class of 14 distance education students in the last week of Term 3 to be continued in term 4. All students completed three surveys  SLIM toolkit  throughout the inquiry using an emailed form for survey 1 and 2 and an online web-conference for survey 3.

Figure 1 shows a completed example of the first questionnaire administered before the students began the unit at the end of Term 3. Figure 2 is a completed survey 2 which was administered after lesson 5.  This ILA was evaluated, using evidence from the data collected from the surveys, in conjunction with observations of and discussions with the students and analysed using the SLIM toolkit guidelines. Observations of student’s comments and questions were aligned to Bloom’s Revised Thinking Skills Framework. A KWL tool was used to reflect on prior knowledge and plan the units direction with the students.


Figure 1: Student Example Survey 1

Figure 2: Example of student survey 2.

Figure 2: Student Example Survey 2

Slide1 copy

Figure 3: Slide for Survey 3



Figure 4: Bloom’s Revised taxonomy (Mia MacKenzie, 2014)





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